Thursday, November 6, 2008

We made it home...

We made it home last night. Jenny, Eileen, Amy and Raul all came by to the apartment to say goodbye. We spent most of the last days cleaning and packing up the apartment. We left our apartment at 3:30 PM. Jenny hired a van to take us out to the airport. I expected them to drop us off at the curb and was surprised when the driver and his partner escorted us and our baggage right to the check in counter. We flew out of terminal 3 which was newly opened for the Olympics. The place is vast and it felt strangely empty. We ended up having pizza hut before we boarded for our long flight home. Luckily the plane was not full and we were happy when a man moved from our aisle giving us an extra seat for Olivia. We left right on time. The flight was pleasant enough but Olivia did not sleep well. She took a 2 hour nap falling out around 10. She was up most of the flight and fell asleep for another 2 hours before we landed. We arrived in Dulles right on time. We deplaned followed the herd and ended up going to the wrong customs hall. Lucky for us one of the flight attendants told us we were in the wrong place and put us with airport staff that could help us. We had to wait about a half hour for our bags to come over. They arrived and we went thought customs and were off to our connection. The connecting flight left the terminal on time but we did wait about 30 minutes in line waiting to take off. We finally got back to Albany at 11:30 PM. My Mom and an nephew Dan picked us up and we were home by 12:30 AM. 21 hours door to door. What a trip!

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