Saturday, November 1, 2008

我 的 一 圈 朋 友 Our circle of friends

Over the past 4 months me Sandy and Olivia have been lucky to visit many sights around Beijing. The sight seeing was secondary to the purpose of our time here in Beijing. My purpose was to fill the role of the Autotask ambassador for our Beijing operation. Over the past 4 months I have been working out of the Beijing office managing my team here as well as back home. I have been acting as a mentor to the entire team here, imparting my knowledge and training the team in the Autotask ways. Sandy gave English lessons to the team and from what I was told she was the the most fun teacher that they ever had. I have to say I often heard laughter coming for the conference room while she was conducting her class. The people here are really great. We have always felt very welcome and the amount of hospitality that we have been given is immeasurable. I would like to say thanks to everyone on the team and take this opportunity to introduce the team to my blog readers.

This is Jenny. Many of you have met her through previous posts. Jenny is the Director of the Beijing operation and our hostess. Without the help of Jenny we would have a hard time managing our day to day routine here in Beijing.

This is the QA team. From left to right 1st row - Linda, Amy (team lead), Sandy, Monica, Emma. 2nd row - Alex, Forest, Olivia, Shawn, and Lisa. Missing from the picture Raul.

Development Team 1 left to right. Kevin, Strong, Us, Cheney (team lead) and Jason.

Development Team 2 left to right - Ying, Us, Eileen, and Brent(team lead). Missing from the picture Frank.

Development team 3 left to right - Robert, Jacky (team lead), us, Derek and Peng.

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