Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our Big Adventure

Our big adventure. 4 Months in Beijing China. In case you haven't heard I accepted an assignment in Autotask's Beijing office assuming the role of ambassador. The role consists of acting as a bridge between the US and China office, removing any obstacles and generally assuring that the office is successful. I will still keep my job as manager of QA and manage my US resources remotely. My team is now 19 strong I have 10 people in the US and 9 in Beijing. Quite a jump from 16 months ago when I had 4 people on my team.

I was in Beijing back in january when we first opened the office. The climate in beijing is very similar to that of Albany. It was very cold but dry and dusty from sand storms that blow in. The polution was very bad too.

While in Beijing I also had the opportunity to see some of the local sites including the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Summer Palace. I can't wait to share the sights with my family.

Red Tape
Trying to get a work visa in China is like playing a game where the rules are changing every second. You can't win!

We had to have a health check form filled out by our family doctor. He looked at the form and was dumb founded as to what to do with it. We had to get our blood tested for a multitude of diseases that I was pretty sure we didn't have, get a chest x-ray, and on and on. So after 6 trips to the office to have the form filled out completely we submitted the paperwork along with my resume and diploma to the Ministry of Labor. Then we waited. I recieved word that the application for my foreign expert license has been approved and now needed to be signed by some party official. We waited some more. Mind you this was just the first step. We still have to apply for the visa at this point. So we received the paper work back from the office in Beijing and filled out all of the forms for the Z-visa. Sent them off to an agent in NYC who expedited the process and within 2 days we all have a visa and have been approved to enter China.

Next stop Beijing!