Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympics in our front yard.

On Sunday August 17 the womens marathon was run and as luck would have it the route ran right through our neighborhood. Jenny told us the the runners would pass around 9AM and that if we wanted to see them we should get out around 8:40 or so. We woke up and got dressed and off we went right out our door and across the street. The security was already there and many people lined streets.

The crowd was mostly Chinese but we did meet a couple of Vikings from Norway who were there to cheer on thier countries runner.

There were some americans there to cheer on the US runner too.

Soon enough we heard the helicopters approaching and the the runner in first place came by us followed by the cameras on motorcycles.

Followed by the pack. In this shot you can see the 2 Chinese women runners. They finished out side of the medals with one coming in 4th.

It took about 15 -20 minutes for all the runners to pass. We headed back home and turned on the TV and watched the race conclude at the Bird's Nest.

An All Olympic week end...

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