Saturday, August 9, 2008


Olympic fever has reached its peak here in Beijing. Friday was declared a holiday in Beijing and most people had the day off including myself. We thought we would go down to Tienanmen Square. We hopped on the subway and away we went. A little girl on the train gave Olivia a Chinese and Olympic flag. She loved them and waved them around getting into the Olympic spirit.

On the subway we met a couple of girls from Hong Kong who spoke good English. They asked where we were headed and as it turned out they were also going to Tienanmen too. They told us that the announcement said that Qinamen station was closed so we had to get off at another station. Good thing that they were there or else we would have been lost. So we followed them out of the station and on down to Tienanmen Square. When we got there we discovered that they had closed it and no one was allowed in. There were people everywhere and everyone had the a Chinese flag displayed. This guy looked especially serious about showing his nationalism.

Here is a shot of the crowds...

We started back towards the subway and once again the Chinese paparazzi came out. When ever and where ever we go out with Olivia in the back pack it always turns into a spectacle and this occasion was no different.

The Chinese really really really love our baby. They all want their picture taken with her and so many will just reach out and touch her.

We made it back to the apartment no worse for the wear and enjoyed a cool afternoon in air conditioned bliss while we waited for the opening ceremony to start so we could watch it on TV.

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