Thursday, July 10, 2008

We made it!

We arrived safe and sound in Beijing on Saturday afternoon. The flight was good and Olivia was a real trooper. She was keeping Sandy and I active by having us chase her up and down the aisles. We purchased an upgrade to economy plus and scored a bulk head seat. Having the bulk head enabled us to use a in flight bassinet which worked out well. Here is a picture of Olivia in the bassinet.

We are living in a hotel right across the street from our apartment community until we are able to move into our apartment. The hotel is nice and we have a nice room but we want to get into the apartment ASAP.
Beijing weather is very hot and humid in the summer. Sunday was a nice sunny clear day. The sky was actually blue! A rare site here. We went out on Sunday for a brief tour of the surrounding area. We rode the subway down a stop to the Walmart. yes they have a Walmart in China. Here is a picture of me and Olivia on the subway.

The walmart was pretty much like the ones you'd see in the US. They even have greeters.
Before we went to Walmart we went to a historic site called the Bell Temple. The temple has the distinction of having the largest bell in China. It was very big. Here is a picture of it. In Addition to the larget bell the temple also had a museum of bells and bell history.

The bell temple is a lesser sight in Beijing but it was nice to see.

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K. John Russell said...

Glad you made it safe ad sound. Hope you're settled in comfortably! BTW, you mentioned your wife was keeping a blog also, unfortunately I forgot what the blog site was. Pass it along when you get a chance!